I’m always fascinated when I read what apps people use on a regular basis in different industries. Here is my list:

  1. Sunrise Calendar
    I’ve been using Sunrise for almost two years and it has really changed everything, starting from the moment I wake up. Honestly, though. The email digest in the morning is fantastic and gives me an idea of what I’m up against. I have several calendars shared with me, which I hide on the desktop and mobile app. I get it all in the email which limits alerts.
  2. Slack
    Slack, my Slack. If you’re reading this, I’m preaching to the choir. Maybe we could have a brief discussion below on how terrible the Ryver ads are on Twitter.
  3. Trello
    Organized. Elegant. Slack integrated. Nuff said.
  4. Calendly
    I wear a lot of hats. Calendly is the first solution that lets me put scheduling time in the hands of the other person. Saves so much time and is great for new clients.
  5. Appear.in
    Love Google Hangouts but hate needing to login and invite someone with a Google account? Try this. It’s lovely.
  6. Curated.co
    Curated.co is a email service provider that helps you build elegant, roundup emails. You can use a submit stories via email or bookmarklet. Compile collected stories for distribution at will. (Currently getting 50% open rates consistently with the list we’ve built.) Check it out
  7. TripIt
    Helping me organize travel plans for years. Also has tracking metrics on distance and what not. Forward your itineraries to plans@tripit.com to get started.
  8. Zapier
    Wade and his team have helped me professionally in ways they will never know. Zapier is the ultimate GSD app.
  9. IFTTT
    If This Then That could be viewed as a competitor of Zapier, but it’s more of a Coke and Pepsi relationship. They are both super helpful.
  10. LinkedIn
  11. iDoneThis
    This quirky app has changed things at Stupid Cancer. With a cool Slack integration, employees can type /done xyz and have it logged. IDT pings you at 9am and 5pm with what’s happened recently among the staff in a email digest format.
  12. Mint
    Hit recommend if checking Mint to see how little money you have is a favorite pastime.
  13. Bigcommerce
    What’s to say. The only game in town. Love BC. Love the people. Shoutout to Mitchell, Ron, Tracey and everyone else on Medium.
  14. Skubana
    Skubana is an all-in-one cloud management platform for all things e-commerce. It helps me manage my Amazon seller account.
  15. Inventory Planner
    Oleg has built something amazing here. It’s a Bigcommerce bolt on that has helped me more than I would have thought since enlisting the services of a third-party fulfillment company. It’s my window into the warehouse.
  16. BaseCRM
    Base is relatively new for Stupid Cancer but works with Zapier (duh) and helps us funnel everyone into the app. Have it connected with just about every entry point to the organization.
  17. Confluence
    We use Confluence for document retention. I wish we used it more, but we’re a small staff. Adoption has been difficult versus Google Drive or Dropbox.
  18. Zendesk
    Gone are the days of responding to inquiries via shared gmail account. Zendesk helps us help people and fast.
  19. Iconosquare
    Perfect Instagram desktop browsing tool. Love tracking our hashtags on it.
  20. SumoMe
    I just rolled this out on my personal site to grow my list. I am optimistic it will help me beef up my email list.
  21. Google Analytics
  22. FileZilla
    Free FTP client. I’ve been using it since I converted to Mac in 2010.
  23. BBEdit
    The perfect notepad/html editor. Keep up the good work.
  24. Email Permutator
    Want to email the CEO of a company but don’t know their email address? Use this.
  25. Assembla
    We built a mobile app with an India-based dev company. We use Assembla to track app functionality requests and bug fixes.
  26. SquareSpace
  27. iTunes Radio
  28. Google Docs
  29. Google Forms
  30. Google Sheets
  31. Facebook
  32. Tumblr
  33. Twitter