October 9, 2015

How a Rebrand and Paid Facebook Ad Yielded Over 340,000 Likes

In the beginning

Getting people to pay attention to you is hard on any platform. For the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation (aka i[2]y Cancer Foundation), growing the social footprint didn’t have a clear path.

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October 1, 2015

Drinking from the Data Firehose

When I started with Stupid Cancer in late 2009, the organization had just invested in a SugarCRM database to manage relationships. I had used pharmacy management software since ’02 in my former life as a Pharmacy Tech, so I was familiar with the core functionality. SC had just hired a dev company and spent a considerable amount of money on what was then a worthwhile investment.

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September 21, 2014

How to Be Less Busy with Slack

The Beginning

In the early days of Stupid Cancer (Then called I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation), we had two employees and a small team of "executive" volunteers. Everyone was spread out around the country, and keeping in touch was critical.

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November 17, 2013

Migrating from Volusion to Bigcommerce

In March 2012, I stepped into the ecommerce world and launched a Volusion store for my non-profit, Stupid Cancer. I understood the basic functions of ecommerce, and felt like I could figure the rest out as I went. My expectations were pretty accurate, and found that navigating the unknown was a lot of fun. I picked Volusion because a colleague of mine had found success with their platform, and like any other digital software vertical, there were so many options. The sales started, issues that popped up along the way were remedied, and before I knew it, I had a successful online store.

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August 7, 2013

Making Sense of Business Metrics via Dashboards

If you're in an operations role at your company, chances are you're bombarded with business metrics information all day long. If you're like me, you probably keep multiple tabs open, or have bookmarks that go directly to various report pages. Pie charts, bar graphs, spark lines, gauges, meters, maps, and tables fill your day as you try to make sense of it all.

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July 14, 2013

Nonprofiteer of the Year 2013

In June, I found out I was a finalist for the Young Non-Profit Professionals Network of New York City's Nonprofiteer of the Year 2013 award.  I was stoked to be nominated for my first professional award.

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June 8, 2013

Zendesk, a Non-Profit’s Dream.

I'm going to generalize and say that most non-profits lack the ability to experiment with their tech infrastructure.  It's not their fault, they're just not as nerdy as Matthew and I. As I write this from my JetBlue gate at San Diego International Airport, I can't help but romanticize about closing tickets.  What I'm referring to is the act of responding to inquiries that get triaged by my staff and I.  It's become second nature.  I know that when I check my iPhone, there could be a Zendesk push notification.

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Kenny Kane is an Operations Director, non-profit CEO, Chief Technology, blogger and speaker, located in Austin, TX.